Microsoft Sending Invite to Get Windows 10 (Full & Free)!

Microsoft is now sending requests for the free upgrade reservation to the full version of Windows 10, which they
stated to be limited (that is a upgrade fee may apply after the free reservations). The process is sequenced in 3 stages
1. Reserve
2. Install
3. Enjoy
Reserve – allows you indicate your interest to upgrade for free while offer lasts and download begins once available with
an opt-out option at any time. Check your task bar (time & notification) for Windows 10 Invite.
Install – prompt to install comes up after download is complete
Enjoy – experience, explore and enhance your capabilities.
It is expected to gulp 3GB of data and internet fees may apply.

What you stand to enjoy –
– Extended multi-tasking with split screen allowing you to work on four apps at a time.
– Great response speeds – booting, resuming windows, running applications, handling tasks
– Improved security and user friendliness
– Unlimited access to great game apps and utilities
– Access to extensive media – up to 47million music tracks, HD videos, movies etc.
– And the icing on the cake is – Cortana, the Windows Digital Personal Assistant. An available help whenever you need one.inlove

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